What is Divorce Care?
It is a special weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. It’s a place where you can be around people who understand what you are feeling, and a place where you can hear valuable information about ways to heal from the hurt of divorce. It is a place where you’ll learn to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. It is non-denominational and features Biblical teaching for recovering from divorce and separation. Each participant will use a workbook that we provide, as a guide during each session and to use between sessions.
How does it work?
At each session you will view videotape on an issue related to separation and divorce. These tapes feature top experts on a wide variety of topics. These topics are:
1. What’s happening to me?
2. The Road To Healing/Finding Help.
3. Facing Your Anger
4. Facing Your Depression
5. Facing Your Loneliness
6. What Does The Owner’s Manual (the Bible) Say?
7. New Relationships
8. Financial Survival
9. Kidcare 1
10. Single Sexuality
11. Forgiveness
12. Reconciliation
13. Moving On, Growing Closer To God.
After each video, you will be come a part of a small group to discuss what you’ve just seen and what is going on in the lives of the group members. You’ll stay with this group for all 13 sessions and you will begin to see these people as “family”. In this small group there will always be time to catch up on the trials, problems and successes of group members between each session.
Participants are asked to make the commitment to maintain confidentiality, to share openly in the group and to be sensitive to others. They are also reminded that this is not an environment to encourage dating relationships. It is important to build a mutual trust and to be open to healing.

Between sessions, by using the workbook, you will have time to reflect on what happened at your group meeting and how the concepts discussed might apply to your circumstances.

This material and the time devoted to it can make a real difference in your recovery and we encourage you to use the other sources recommended by the notebook – books, tapes and other material that will help you study the topics in more detail. There is also a book table at each session from which you may borrow books relevant to the program.
If you are not active in a church you are missing out on a key element to your healing. God doesn’t expect you to carry the whole load by yourself. He uses the church and the people in it to help in your recovery.
The cost for the entire 13 weeks is $30.00, which includes the notebook. Each week light refreshments are provided at a break time.
For additional information contact Divorce Care leader Karen Flexer, or Rev. Ned Flexer at 609-601-2718 or at

revflex@comcast.net. Or log on towww.divorcecare.com