Pastor’s Blog

Warm greetings on this American holiday. We often think of this as something instituted by the Pilgrims. It is really more than that. The Feast of Ingathering or Sukkoth is the Hebrew equivalent (Exodus 34:22) that prescribes the importance of recognizing God’s blessing as the final harvest is brought into storage for the winter. We have lost some of that sense in this age of supermarkets, frozen foods and foreign imported fruits and vegetables. Still, it is important to practice the giving of thanks. A grateful people do not take things for granted. So we thank the Lord for the food on our tables, the clothing that warms us as the weather turns cold and the love that surrounds us as we come to the table today. It was the writer, Sarah Hale (1788-1879), who petitioned every American president for 30 years to establish a Federal Holiday to accentuate our need for giving thanks. She also gets recognition for the poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Lincoln was the president who signed it into law in 1863 and thus it was set perpetually. A presidential decree is not necessary to create an atmosphere of thankfulness. What is needed is the ability to humble ourselves and take in the vast array of provision and see that we are not self sufficient. We need each other. And more … We need a gracious God who, in his Son Jesus, meets us in his grace to pardon and outfit us for a dynamic and eternal life. Give thanks.
Pastor Frank