A Blessing of Reckless Abandon

With the dawn of another celebration of the coming of the Prince of Peace, I find myself so richly blessed to be serving in this place and at this time. We are not a church that is large in numbers. We are, however, a church that is growing in relationship with God and each other. Our vision team has been at work and are about ready to present a new mission statement for consideration. The heart of that statement is the call to be a blessing to the world around us and to bless the world with reckless abandon. When God sent his Son into the world, that was exactly what was going on. To be sure, God was not being reckless. But that is how it might appear to other people. It was an extreme measure and very costly. And it was just the right place and right time. God knew exactly what to do. That is still the way God works. As we approach the mystery of God becoming one of us once again, we reaffirm that Jesus’ coming was a bold move that continues to make a way into our lives. The only thing that keeps him away is our refusal to trust the Holy Spirit. Open your heart afresh and open it wide. And the King of glory will come in.

Merry Christmas in God’s amazing love,
Pastor Frank